Here are the steps to follow to get a perfect deploy of the structure.

1. Foundations

Before moving the structure to its final destionation, certain foundation work has to be performed. It provides a good foundation insulation and reliability and allow to carry out the tasks of deployment and fixation.
The execution of the foundation must be done with quality materials and by trained personnel.

The foundations of the building must present several characteristics.
The surface must be flat and horizontal, enough to allow the necessary movements in the deployment of the structure.

Below the surface is shown completely finished.

Eight metal plates (shaped in red, one for each pillar) are needed to fix the structure to the floor, with another assistant (in blue) will be neccessary for the initial fastening.

2. Transport

The structure is supplied by a crane truck, which transports and download the structure to the mounting point.
We ship worldwide.

Transport by crane truck Transport by crane truck

3. Deploy

Structure deployment involves opening of the porches and displacement of each to its final position.
First, the structure is downloaded to the final position of one of the pillars, to be fixed to the slab by welding. Then we will proceed to move the row of pillars not fixed until the couple reach their maximum opening. In this position the metal frame members are welded.

Then, each gate must be moved to its final position one by one.

When the last gate reaches its final position, it has to be fixed to the floor and auxiliary structures are removed. Finally, the belts are installed and all temporary construction site elements are removed.

And it is done. Your structure is ready so you can raise your house or warehouse with absolute flexibility in enclosures and shapes.