Madres requiere prior foundations. The foundation must be executed according to the Project and the Project Manager instructions. However, for the assembly of this type of structure, the surface must be completely flat, smooth and level.
On the surface, perfectly flush with it, must be placed as many steel plates as pillars has the structure (usually eight). They will receive the pillars of the main structure (refer examples of construction in the Procedures section).

The following figure shows the distribution of the plates:

The minimum dimensions of the plates are:
  Wood structure: 65×55 cms
  Steel structure: 60×55 cms
  Concrete structure: 70×70 cms
The longest direction of the plate coincides with the direction of the frames.

To allow mounting you should place an auxiliary plate of 40×40 cm and fastening elements for attaching the pulling cables.

Deployment phase involves certain movements of some of the elements of the structure, so it requires a clean way, marked in green in the following figures. In this area it should not be placed any element that would disrupt the sliding of the structure, such as pipes, holes…, which must be arranged in other places. It is also desirable to leave a space of about 20cm. between the plates and the edge of the slab.


Madre Structures meet regulatory requierements of EuroCod, CTE and EHE.
Considered actions are:
1. Continuous load of 1KN/m2 + beams weight.
2. Snow weight of 0,7 KN/m2.
3. Wind load of 0,4 KN/m2.
4. Maintenance overhead of 0,4 KN/m2.

Examples of final dimensions to a house with a floor of about 80m 2 are:

Warehouses are more flexible, so you can choose size according to your needings: