Wood combines solid construction features and the beauty of a natural material, which makes it the perfect material to raise your house, cover the pool or create a saloon or a store.

The proportions of wood structure guarantee the necessary support with a minimum consumption of material and an optimal distribution. There are no height, large or width limits, often ranging from 70 to 160m2 for households of one or two floors.
Our structure comes in gl24h, gl32h o gl36h walnut plywood (depending on calculations requirements), with humidity protection. You can choose the final color.

Wood, unlike what it may seem, has a better fire resistance than other building materials, as these tend to collapse the entire building when certain temperatures are reached. Instead, the first layer of burnt wood protects the core of the pillars (the charcoal is a great insulator term), which considerably lengthens the time until the piece loses its ability to hold weight. Wood neither has durability problems when it is used indoors, since it is considered that, well insulated from the water, it has an infinite life. It is a material with a good weight and strength balance.

The wood we use comes from forests and forest plantations managed in a sustainable way, which incorporates an external certification by a third party (PEFC, FSC, etc.) certifying that the practices both in the forest and across the chain of custody associated with management transformation process has been carried out according to strict criteria of environmental and social protection.

Therefore, and for the elegance and visual appearance, wood is an excellent material for the structure of your home.